Our farmers grow coffee at elevations ranging from 1,300 to 2,100 meters above sea level under canopies of indigenous trees and bananas. We strive to understand how various farming and processing methods influence the quality of coffee in the cup. Coffees are farmed in traditional ways with the help of agronomy training to get the best cup results. Our high quality coffee of 84+ points on the SCA system with unique attributes of citrus fruit, dark chocolate, floral, fresh bread, tropical fruit,brown spices,brown sugar, medium acidity,good round body,clean well balanced and sweet aftertaste is produced by predominantly small holder communities who are conscious of climate change and gender justice. We offer full traceability of our coffees, from farm to cup. This way, we can bring unique interesting coffees that fit our buyers' preferences. The uniqueness with our coffee is that as you sip quality, you are also contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, gender justice as well as improving the livelihoods of the small holder farmer on the slopes. The high quality of the coffee is achieved through a series of quality assurances and control measures.

Tree Growing

MEACCE, in partnership with Mt. Elgon Tree Growing Enterprises are promoting the growth of indigenous trees on the slopes of the Mt. Elgon region in the districts of Bulambuli, Bududa and Sironko. The major aims of the tree growing projects is to provide shade to the coffee trees, rainfall formation, soil erosion control, to provide herbs for medicinal purposes as well as hand crafts. in addition to this, MEACCE encourages its members to use energy efficiency stoves constructed to help in carbon credit as well as use less fire while cooking faster with less smoke emmission.

Bee Keeping

MEACCE engages in livelihood activities like bee keeping. Currently, there are ten groups from Bulambuli, Sironko and Bududa. The groups have been trained in bee keeping activities such as honey harvesting, management and honey processing.