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Who We Are

Mt Elgon Agroforestry Communities Cooperative Enterprise Ltd (MEACCE) is a farmer-owned Secondary Level Cooperative owned by 12 primaries with a combined membership of 3,233 farmers (743 females) that produces certified (Fairtrade and Organic) Washed Bugisu Arabica Coffee grown on the slopes of Mt Elgon with the mandate to increase farmer household income. The ultimate goal of MEACCE Ltd is to ensure that the little proceeds and premiums generated from the sale of our members’ coffee are invested in community development projects that are geared towards improving their standards of living, climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) while safeguarding people in all aspects of economy and governance.


A socially and economically thriving community within a sustainable environment.


Promote high quality agroforestry products through environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices for better markets.


Not to trade in members’ produce but to help them market their produce to their advantage.


The disintegration in the proceedings of Gumutindo Co-op in 2015, left Fair Trade certified farmers frustrated and unable to sell their coffee in an organized sustainable market. These illusioned farmers regrouped and formed Mt.Elgon Agroforestry Communities Cooperative Enterprise Ltd (MEACCE) as a new cooperative in 2017, which is certified (Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance) . Today MEACCE represents 12 primary societies; Konokoyi, Bumatanda, Buwesswa, Yilwanako, Bunabude, Bumugibole, Demukata, Sipi, Fusta, Bushiribo, Kamwanyi and Namanyonyi Shalom and over 3,233 coffee farmer members spread across the Mt Elgon region.

Coffee Profile

Altitude: 1,300- 2,100
Varieties: Nyasaland, SL14 and SL28
Total Area of production: 2,495Ha
Growing practices: 100% Organic
Harvest: September- January
Process type: Fully washed

Our high-quality coffee of 84+ points on the SCA system with unique attributes of citrus fruit, dark chocolate, floral, fresh bread, tropical fruit, brown spices, brown sugar, medium acidity, good round body, clean, wellbalanced and sweet aftertaste is produced by predominantly agroforestry smallholder communities who are conscious of climate change and gender justice. We offer full traceability of all our coffee, from farm to cup. This way we can bring unique and interesting coffees that fir our buyers' preferences. The uniqueness with this coffee is that as you sit and take that small cup of coffee from MEACCE, you are not only enjoying the good quality but also significantly contributing towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, genderjustice as well as improving the living standards of the small holder farmer on the slopes of Mt.Elgon.

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